Midwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors

Board of Directors

Scott Hendrickson, President (terms ends 2020)
Associate Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law Advisor
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178
(402) 280-2643

Martha Kirby, President-Elect (term ends 2022)
Senior Academic Advisor, Department of Political Science
The University of Iowa
344 Schaeffer Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-2347

Gwyn WallanderSecretary (term ends 2020)
Senior Advisor, Pre-Law Advisor
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Holton Hall, Room 142
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 229-6017

Don Racheter, Treasurer (term ends 2019)

Retired Pre-Law Advisor and PLANC Treasurer
2741 N Salisbury St
West Lafayette, IN 47906
(641) 780-5259

Sherri CharlestonAt-Large: Caravan (term ends 2019)
Director, Center for Pre-Law Advising
University of Wisconsin, Madison
168 Middleton Building
1305 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 890-4929

Larry Hayman,
At-Large: Teleconferences and Webinars (term ends 2020)
Pre-Law Advisor, Center for Law, Justice & Culture
Ohio University
Bentley 001B
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 593-0835

Erin Reichelt, At-Large: Technology (term ends 2020)
Senior Career Counselor and Pre-Law Advisor
University of Minnesota

Karen Swenson, At-Large: Briefs (term ends 2019)
Professor, Political Science
Eastern Illinois University
2321 Coleman Hall
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-6964

Jamie Thomas-Ward, At-Large: Membership (term ends 2020)
Director, Pre-Law Advising Services
Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services
University of Illinois
807 S Wright St, Floor 5
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 333-9669

Lauren Butler, MALSA Representative (term ends 2018)
Assistant Director of Law Admissions
University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Law
500 E 52nd St
Kansas City, MO 64110
(816) 235-5378

Cassandra B. Jeter-Bailey, MALSA Representative (term ends 2020)
Director of Admissions, J.D. & Graduate Law Programs
Capital University Law School
303 E. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 236-6344
RJ Holmes-Leopold, Ex Officio (term ends 2022)
PLANC Board Chair
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
Cornell College 
600 First St SW, Box 1652
Mount Vernon, IA 52314 
(319) 895-4445

Kevin Freeman, Ex Officio (term ends 2020)
PLANC 2020 Conference Program Chair
Pre-Law Coordinator and Program Manager, Politics, Society, and Law Scholars
College of Arts and Sciences
The Ohio State University
3114 Smith Lab, 174 W 18th Ave
Columbus, OH 42310
(614) 247-7821

Veronica Joiner, Ex Officio (term ends 2020)

PLANC Communications Coordinator
Senior Academic Advisor
Pre-Professional Advising Center
120 University Pavilion
Cincinnati, OH 45221
(513) 556-2166

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