Law School Caravan Subsidy for Pre-Law Advisors

Law School Caravan Subsidy for Pre-Law Advisors

We’ll pay YOU to attend a MAPLA Law School Caravan Event!MAPLA offers a membership benefit designed to enhance attendance at MAPLA Law School Caravan sites.  Everybody wins–you have provided a great opportunity to your students, the students gain exposure to a large number of law school representatives, and the law schools get to meet even more potential applicants!  

How It Works
You must be a member of MAPLA and be from an institution outside of the city in which the Caravan event is located.  Organize a trip to the MAPLA Caravan site for yourself and at least three students. Pre-Law Advisors who bring at least 3 students are eligible to apply for travel assistance scholarships at the following rates:
Minimum: three students plus an advisor—MAPLA will reimburse your actual expenses up to $200.  For every additional student you bring, you’ll receive up to an additional $50/per student.   For example, an advisor plus 6 students would be reimbursed for all expenses incurred up to a maximum of $350 (7 persons @ $50 each). Bring as many students as possible—there is no upper limit. 
Reimbursement Process
Save your receipts, and submit them to MAPLA Treasurer Don Racheter. Scanned documents are acceptable. Get a check! 
Reimbursable expenses include ALL costs you incur in getting to a MAPLA site, including vehicle rentals, bus/train fare, taxis, gas, parking, tolls, hotel, food, etc.One additional request—include a photo of your group at the Law School Caravan which we might use in a future edition of MAPLA Briefs!

You do NOT have to be a MAPLA member to attend a MAPLA Law School Caravan event–they are always FREE and OPEN to the public.

If you are interested in joining MAPLA, membership is $40 per year for Pre-Law Advisors. Click here for more information.

Don Racheter, MAPLA Treasurer