Caravan Subsidy for Pre-Law Advisors

Law School Caravan Subsidy for Pre-Law Advisors

We’ll pay YOU to attend a MAPLA Law School Caravan Event!
MAPLA offers a membership benefit designed to enhance attendance at MAPLA Law School Caravan sites. Everybody wins—you have provided a great opportunity to your students, the students gain exposure to a large number of law school representatives, and the law schools get to meet even more potential applicants!

How It Works

You must be a member of MAPLA and be from an institution outside of the city in which the Caravan event is located. Organize a trip to the MAPLA Caravan site for yourself and at least three students. Pre-Law Advisors who bring at least 3 students are eligible to apply for travel assistance scholarships at the following rates:

  • Minimum: three students plus an advisor—MAPLA will reimburse your actual expenses up to $200.
  • For every additional student you bring, you’ll receive up to an additional $50/per student. For example, an advisor plus 6 students would be reimbursed for all expenses incurred up to a maximum of $350 (7 persons @ $50 each).
  • Bring as many students as possible—there is no upper limit.

Reimbursement Process

Save your receipts. You will scan them and email them along with our reimbursement request form to MAPLA Treasurer Don Racheter ([email protected]). Download our reimbursement request form as a docx or pdf.

Reimbursable expenses include ALL costs you incur in getting to a MAPLA site, including vehicle rentals, bus/train fare, taxis, gas, parking, tolls, hotel, food, etc.

One additional request—include a photo of your group at the Law School Caravan which we might use in a future edition of MAPLA Briefs!


Contact the MAPLA Treasurer at [email protected]