MAPLA’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to advance the Midwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors’
(MAPLA) vision to be “the most comprehensive, inclusive, and supportive resource for pre-law
advisors in the Midwest.” This vision is, of course, not self-executing and requires careful
planning, commitment, and resolve to succeed.

While the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused many challenges related to pre-law
advising, it has also provided MAPLA with the opportunity to ask ourselves critical questions of
our organization: Who are we? What do we do well? What do we need to work on? Where do we
want to be in four years? What are the best ways to get there?

In answering these questions, dozens of people across the MAPLA footprint, covering Illinois,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South
Dakota, and Wisconsin– gave their time, energy, talents, and experience to assist us in
formulating this plan that will help guide the future of MAPLA over the next four years. They
include pre-law advisors, whether MAPLA members or not, as well as law school admissions
representatives from across the region.

MAPLA’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 consists of five strategic goals, each with its own objectives
and actions, that were developed by the MAPLA Strategic Planning Committee during Summer
2021 through utilization of anonymous survey, SWOT analysis, and development and adoption of
mission, vision, and values statements. These strategic priorities and objectives should guide
the work of MAPLA and the MAPLA Board over the next four years through (1) increasing
membership through outreach, engagement, and retention (2) increased resources to pre-law
advisors through the MAPLA website (3) a re-commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (4)
increased professional development opportunities, including webinars, and (5) clarification and
modification of Board of Director roles.

The MAPLA Strategic Planning Committee recommends reconvening this committee every two
years to ascertain MAPLA’s progress in achieving these goals and to create a Strategic Plan
every five years.

We are confident that the goals in this Strategic Plan will enrich the MAPLA organization and
experience and continue to make MAPLA the most comprehensive, inclusive, and supportive
resource for pre-law advisors in the Midwest.

Larry Hayman, Chair
MAPLA Strategic Planning Committee

Read the full text of the Strategic Plan here